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Asthmatic Kitten

I just came over to my friends house. She found a baby kitten and decided to take it in. She only weighs about a pound and has breathing problems. She gets little snot bubbles and has no voice when she tries to meow. Instead, a serious of tiny coughs and sneezes come out. She’s already won over my heart to say the least. 

What incredibly uncomfortable/bored/shoot-me-right-now looks like.
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Thanks new followers for helping me break the 400 mark

Love you guys <3

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1,000th Post

Day One

Ariel: I’m so grateful that for (nearly) 19 years of my life you’ve been my best friend. No one can fill your place. You’re my sister, no matter what. You give me good advice, smack me when I really need to get some sense, and act a fool with me when no one else will.

Sandra: You’re a cutie-patootie and my favorite little lesbian. We had a little period where we didn’t talk, but we came back to one another and can pick up from where we left off.

Delilah: Although we’re sisters, we have little to nothing in common. I still love you and think you’re insanely beautiful. I should be the one making the effort to spend more time with you.

Mom: I really wish you’d realize you don’t need a man in your life to make you happy. You can make yourself happy. I also wish you wouldn’t turn to drinking when life knocks you down. You’re strong enough to pick yourself up.

Dad: Its weird that we are so much alike. Not only do I look like you, but I took on some of your personality. Problem is, we don’t share the same views. I wish you were more tolerant of people instead of judging them for things they can’t control.

Franklin: Stop being annoying. And yes, I’m still helping you get a girlfriend.

J: Stop being a cunt. Learn to respect the person you’re in a relationship with. There is no relationship without trust and you might just learn that the hard way.

Naim: Man up and just face commitment. Or at least communicate and explain why you won’t. Saying something is better than saying nothing at all.

Jennifer: WHY YOU SO MEAN?!

R: I doubt you’d read this. Don’t think you’re a stalker in any sense or even care to look at this point. I’ve already said all I need to say to you. But just in case you see this, you’re still relevant. I haven’t forgotten about you.